We are O-VILS. Vol.1 (English ver.) 2021/12/09


Thank you again to everyone who came to the “We are O-VILS. vol.1” concert, and to everyone who watched it via internet streaming.


This was our first performance in eight months since April. Until then, due to COVID-19, we, O-VILS. could not perform with an audience in the hall. And it was also our first performance after we decided to name our group ‘O-VILS.”


I heard the following response from the fans who came to this live concert. It was as follows: “This live concert is totally different from the live streaming. It was wonderful.”  I’m very  happy to hear such a response. I’d like to say, “Isn’t that right? Live sound is the best. Thank you so much.”


We will do our best until that day comes so that the fans who are watching us on the web can also listen to and watch this kind of live sounds and performances, so please support us.


We have a plan to give away invitational tickets to a total of 20 people, 10 pairs for each show, by drawing lots. To participate in this project, please post on Twitter with [#WEARE_OVILS] tag and tell us what you like about O-VILS. We’d be happy if you could tweet us your thoughts on what you remember from this article.


Whenever we run a campaign like this, we sometimes receive consideration from fans who say, “I’m not participating in the campaign because I will be going even if I’m not invited.” We are glad to hear these feelings, but that’s not the case. This is just an opportunity for you to get excited and support O-VILS. on social media, so please join this campaign. Thank you.



Below is a recap of the program, with my personal afterthoughts. 🌈


Op.mission in possible

“Aligning the notes of the mission vertically will allow the members to enter with confidence.”

This is what Yokoyama-sensei said to me. It really stuck with me.


There are some difficulties with 5 beat music, but I have to focus all my attention on matching the breath with the sound. I was already very nervous about this.


Another point of interest is the secret participation of Chippi(Kb.) in the 3piece (Dr. & Ba. & Gt.) that forms the basis of the performance. She is a keytar (lightweight synthesizer)  performer with a lot of potential to grow even more in the future. 🌟


The flag direction, choreography, and the Guards members are super cool. 🥺 This is the idea and sense of Miho, the choreographer. The flag with the logo is also a highlight.


1.Fire ball

It felt good to have one leg spread out perfectly at the beginning. It gives me goosebumps.

I was too happy to see the audience clapping loudly along with the crescendo at the end.

The arrangement of the last is “DocoDoco, GoriGori (Mimetic words that describe the mood of the music performance)”, which is also a specification of O-VILS. ✨The strange sight of samba steps and metal arrangement combined is the best.


2.Show Me How You Burlesque

Personally, I was in a state of mindlessness once I was relieved of the pressure of last minute member introductions.


Niina’s (Vo. & T.sax) singing is getting much better…! I guess this song is an expression of “this is how O-VILS. wants to dance from now on.”


The audience clapped louder as the members called out to the audience. I hope that In the future, when COVID-19 converges and the audience is able to shout out in the hall, the audience will be able to call out to the members. 🙌


3.Uptown Funk

This song came after foreshadowing Beethoven’s “Fate.”

The audience started to clap their hands from the beginning of the solo introduction by keytar. This audience was the best!

In both this and Burlesque, the formation is a mixture of the Guards and band, and it expands and contracts. That’s the highlight of the show. In addition, I like choreography that uses the hips in dance.

It’s easy to say this but hard to act it out. The members who can do this are the strongest and the most tearful. 😭 This is the same for all of them.


4.Runaway Baby

I had previously published a tweet titled “I’m making an OG band”. The date I shot the video was October 2020. And I remembered that Mitsuki and Ayaka (CG.) were working hard on the choreography for the Guards on that day. I was also impressed by how much better Hatsuki’s (Eu.) solo was than the previous one.


5.Livin’ la Vida Loca

The structure of the song with the dance in the middle is too interesting. I also changed the arrangement of this song quite a bit.

This is one of the songs that I feel gives us a bit of perspective on the landing point of the fusion of light music and brass band sounds that we are aiming for.


6.White Christmas

This is a solo by Midori that we can trust.

I wondered how she could play so calmly after dancing so much just before. I’m surprised. Has the person inside her changed? (No, she hasn’t. She is the same person.)

There is a cute Santa Claus walking around handing out presents 🎅 and it’s a heartwarming song✨.

7.Fate (Symphony No.5 c-minor)

This song is already too hard for me, it’s a curse 😭 

No, it was a chance for me to update myself even more. I practiced every morning. And I trained to the point where I could enjoy the show. 💪



This is an original song by O-VILS. It’s also one of the hottest songs with the original flag made by Mitsuki 🏳 and keytar solo. ☺️ However, as the other songs have become more sophisticated, I think I need to be more creative with this one.  It’s a challenge for me.



I was really impressed with how these girls danced, even though they had some special experiences in high school, but they had only been dancing for a few months.

It’s a song that I feel will make them even cooler in the future.



It was an exquisite beginning. After O-VILS. radio ended on stage left, we heard the best woodwind ensemble from stage right.

By the way, I like VIDA ROCA and this song. It’s a song that seems to express the future of O-VILS. in two opposing colors.

This song has a peaceful atmosphere, but it also has elements of the dance I want to do in the future. It’s a song that makes me feel warm but also amazing. (I can’t say it well).


11.Isn’t she lovely

A B.Sax is also included in the quintet.🥺 I can’t talk about it because I have so many feelings.

This song was (my) poorly arranged, but the members were doing their best to play it. 😭 The Guards’ dance was cute.☺️


12.Take five

This song starts with an exquisite solo by Teru-chan (Gt.). I hope you’ve noticed the handkerchief magic. Did you notice it?

Also, the choreography and structure of this song never felt familiar to me, or rather, everything felt new. It’s a song that requires a lot of care to play, but I really like the direction.


13.Amazing Grace

It’s a long tone type song that the performer blows after dancing. Aozora’s (Fl.) kindness and warmth is fully expressed in the sound, and it makes me cry.


14.Nagisa no Sindbad (Beach Sindbad)

I really like the flow of this song, as if a yellow bomb was thrown into a mysterious light blue space. I think it’s full of “nostalgic feeling” from various perspectives. The choreography of the band was done by Yui (Cl.) ☺️.


15.Sing Sing Sing

The SingSingSing we are playing now in O-VILS. is very long. The members are playing well. The arrangements and sounds are getting better and better each time.


16.Jump in the Line

This is so cute…really cute…everyone is so cute!


17.You Can’t Stop The Beat

This is a safe piece of music.

(Sorry for the messy impression at the end)


The show lasted over 70 minutes in total. We had never done a show of this size in the past regular concerts ( in high school ).


We did a show that would have taken a whole year to make, and we did it in this limited period of time and practice schedule. I think it was really the result of the members’ efforts.

However, I want to aim higher in the future. I’m getting pretty good at grasping the sequence of events and adjusting my schedule to do what I can.


Of course I really want as many members as possible to perform, but I’d rather practice aligning the choreography than repositioning every time we add a new member.

I want to practice without having to explain over and over again that I changed the arrangement.


I want to decide on the formation and number of performers earlier. I want to improve the camera work and lighting scenes for streaming distribution. I would like to make the stage facilities more luxurious and deliver more elaborate and high quality performances to the fans.


In the process of achieving these goals, there may be times when I disappoint our fans who have been supporting us. However, I will keep a strong core mindset and continue to enjoy my activities, so I would be happy if you could watch over us for a long time.


Can I really say that this is a dream come true?

It would be nice if we could have a kind of theater dedicated to O-VILS. and attract a steady audience every time.


Then, the members get together, and on Saturday, the members who are going to be in the show will check their scripts, and on Sunday, the show will start! If we could do something like that, we wouldn’t have to say, “I’m leaving O-VILS. because I can’t make the next performance in March.” What do you think?


I’ll just say such a dream story for now and do my best to do what I can do now for the March performance. Thank you for reading this far. ☺️

If you’d like, please go back to Tweet and give me feedback🎅 (I still want it).

by YUNON JAPAN Co., Ltd. Director & O-VILS. General Director YUINA MITA